About SB4MH


SB4MH is now changing from a weekly meme to a month-long month.

Those who participate regularly please consider adding the SB4MH badge & the link back to this site for any post you publish that is related to mental health or mental illness.

Anytime a sex blogger writes about any related topics/feelings/emotions or situations about mental health/illness or even self-care, they should consider adding the banner or pledge to the post. Why? To bring awareness to mental health issues and to let others know SB doesn’t always write about sex and sex-related topics.

While writing about my sex adventures I noticed that it correlated to my risky behaviors and that is a symptom of my Borderline Personality Disorder. I found that being a sex blogger wasn’t fully accepted in the mental health blogging community so I decided to create something that would combine the two communities. I knew that there were other sex bloggers like me because I had read some posts in which they shared that their mental health & mental illness symptoms affected their sex life.

Some bloggers shared about how the depression caused a low sex drive. Side effects of medications caused a low sex drive. Grief, suffering a loss of a marriage, spouse or parent caused the loss of interest in sex or sometimes it can cause a person to act out sexually.

I wanted to create a project, movement or meme that stands up for both, being a sex blogger who writes about sex and a mental health blogger someone who writes & shares about mental health & mental illness. Because sometimes writing about one topic includes the other.

Knowledge is power. The more we share, discuss and listen the better we understand. Learning from each other, giving each other peace of mind. Supporting each other, letting them know they are not alone.

Must I have a medically diagnosed mental illness to be involved in the SB4MH?

No. Not at all. If you’re a sex blogger and just having a bad day or you’re having that “down in the dumps” feeling, feel free to submit the link to your post. If you or your partner suffers from a mental illness please consider sharing that as well. If you’re feeling emotional, venting or for whatever the reason feel free to submit the URL to your post.

What if I’m afraid to talk about my illness or situation publically on my blog?

You can submit your writing it to the site via an email and it will be shared here as a guest blogger, anonymously of course.

Can I use the Banner with other Blogging Memes?

Yes. As long as it doesn’t go against the rules of the other meme you can use the #sb4mh banner. It would wonderful if you included this project with the other memes.

What kinds of posts can be submitted?

Everyone expresses themselves differently. If you are sharing a photo, video or artwork that’s all acceptable stuff. As long as the post has something to do with mental health issues, struggling with symptoms or the symptoms affecting your sex life or partner’s issues affecting your sex life, suggestions for self-care.

Depression, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder are a few examples of different mental illnesses.

Do I have to use the prompt?

No. The prompt is there for inspiration. It is not required to participate.

Do I have to “link up”?

No. Any time you write something about your mental health or mental illness you can add the banner to your post. Kind of like a badge or an organization pin. You are a member of “Sex Bloggers for Mental Health.” I would suggest creating a category for your blog for your mental health writing. You can post the banner anywhere you want in your writings. Bring awareness to this issue. Don’t be ashamed and suffer in silence.

Please Consider the Following.

  • The prompt is for inspiration. Not Required.
  • The linky tool is open from Sunday at 7pm (CST) until the following Sunday at 7pm (CST).
  • Link back to this website when using the banner or pledge.
  • Consider creating a category on your blog for your posts, if you plan on writing for #sb4mh often.
  • Submit your posts weekly by adding the URL to your post.
  • Using the #sb4mh banner on your post.
  • Using the #sb4mh hashtag when sharing on social media.
  • Please remember to include a content or trigger warning if your post needs one. If you are unsure please refer to Content Notice or the Trigger list.

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health should be, but not required of course.

  • Open-minded.
  • Accepting of others.
  • Willing to share their experiences.
  • Supportive of their fellow sex bloggers.
  • Willing to share & support the SB4MH Project by linking back to this website.
  • Willing to stand up against the stigma of mental illness. Working towards bringing awareness and educating others about mental health.
  • We are human. We make mistakes. The bloggers that participate in SB4MH may not always get it right. Be patient, willing to teach with love & understanding. Just because we may write about sex, this doesn’t make us experts on the topic and the same goes for writing about mental health. We are here to be supportive.
  • Willing to bring positive awareness to mental health issues, education and to destigmatize mental illness and promote good mental health & well-being.

I am writing about a sensitive subject. Do I Need a Content/Trigger Warning on my Post?

  • SB4MH asks that as a writer you give consideration to the mental health of readers.  Your topic, experiences, and words may be familiar to some readers and yet reading them can bring back their own traumas, fears, and phobias.
  • SB4MH encourages that posts on difficult topics, experiences, and emotions to be clearly marked when deemed necessary. A minute spent adding a Trigger Warning (TW) or Content Warning (CW) can save others a lot of distress.
  • Content Notice (CN) information to assist you.
  • Trigger Warning List
  • SB4MH is not responsible for the external website content.
  • Reader Discretion is Advised.
  • It is not the intention of #SB4MH to “trigger” those who may be sensitive to some topics.

I would like to a Guest Blogger on SB4MH

Guest posts are written by other bloggers or writers who are not getting paid for their content. Not all submissions will be accepted. Please do not be offended if your submission is not accepted. Do not be offended if small changes are made to your submission. You will be contacted if there is any type of concern or corrections that should be made.

  • Topics that will be considered are topics about mental health, mental illness along with sex topics.
  • Submissions must be original material. Once published on this website/blog that the material will remain unpublished elsewhere.
  • 200-800 word limit.
  • 1-2 author owned photos may be included.
  • The author’s bio should be included at the bottom of the post.
  • The bio should be short. Please include your name, a link to your website/blog. May include social media links. A bio photo may be included [a square high resolution 250 x 250 jpg format] Photo is optional.
  • No affiliate links or links to other commercial or e-store websites can be included.
  • Material that is designed to boost SEO, a company, brand, product or service will not be accepted.


Most important is that it is OK to write about NOT being OK. It’s ok to write about the little daily emotional things in addition to the bigger issues. Never compare yourself to the other bloggers who share their mental health or mental illness experiences. Your experience is unique to you and you alone. Please do not feel that you are not worthy or that your experiences are minor. If they are important to you then your experiences are important to us and your blogging family wants to be there for you and to support you with whatever it is you are going through or have gone through.